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California State University Fullerton
Center for Autism Applied Developmental Core

Clinical & Family Services

The CSUF Center for Autism is excited to offer clinical services to children and families! Services are offered on a fee scale that can be adjusted to provide services to a larger range of families in need.

Autism Screening & Evaluation

Early and accurate diagnosis is critical to promoting the development of children with ASD. The Center for Autism, Applied Developmental Core, offers early autism screening and comprehensive diagnostic evaluations using gold-standard assessment instruments that involve direct testing and observation of the child as well as structured interviews with parents or primary caregivers.

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In addition to assessment of autism symptoms, diagnostic evaluations generally include evaluation of children’s cognitive functioning and adaptive skills. Depending upon the needs of the child and the areas of concern, services may also include assessment of children’s attention and executive functioning, memory, language, and academic functioning. Re-evaluations are available to assist families in monitoring children’s progress and to refine recommendations for educational and treatment planning.

Our clinical team is highly trained and specialized in psychological assessment and autism evaluation. Please contact us at autismcenterkids@fullerton.edu or (657)-278-7891 for more information.

Clinical Consultation

Doctoral-level psychologists specializing in ASD can meet with families to discuss issues related to assessment, information about ASD, treatment and educational options, and pathways for securing funding for necessary services. Consultations are billed by the half-hour. Please contact us at autismcenterkids@fullerton.edu or (657)-278-7891 for more information.

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