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California State University Fullerton
Center for Autism Applied Developmental Core

Student Highlights

In addition to numerous students who entered teaching credential programs, below is a select list of former Center undergraduate students and the graduate programs to which they were accepted:

Shivani Patel, B.S. (2020), Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), Western University of Health Sciences
Hallie Pease, B.S. (2020), School Psychology (M.A.), Brandman University
Arielle Garcia, B.A. (2019), School Psychology (M.A.), Azusa Pacific University
Esther Lee (2019), Educational Psychology (M.A.), Ball State University
Marison Lee, B.A. (2019), School Psychology (M.A.), Azusa Pacific University
Sarah Paez, B.A. (2019), Audiology (AuD), San Jose State University
Alyssa Bailey, B.S. (2018), Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.), Auburn University
Alexander Gant (2018), Counseling Psychology (M.A.), Humbolt State University
Jackie Moffitt, B.A (2018), Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.), University of Miami
David Huynh, B.A. (2017), Mental Health Counseling (M.A.), University of San Diego
Chelsea Noble (2017), Experimental Psychology, Western Washington University
Anahi Partida, B.S. (2017), Elementary & Bilingual Education (M.S.), Cal State Fullerton
Jocelyn Frierson, B.S. (2015), Education (M.A.), California State University, San Marcos
Mariann Howland, B.A. (2015), Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.), University of Minnesota
Harry Meussner, B.A. (2012), Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.), University of Houston