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California State University Fullerton
Center for Autism Applied Developmental Core

Current Research Studies

Mindfulness Training for Parents of Children with ASD

(Investigator: Dr. Rachel Fenning)

Description: The CSUF Center for Autism is collaborating with researchers at Loma Linda University on a federally funded project aimed at training parents of children aged 3 to 5 years with ASD in mindfulness. Recruitment is ongoing! Please contact Marbella Rodriguez Serna at mrodriguezserna@llu.edu for more information or to participate.


Several projects have completed data collection and are currently in the analysis and distribution phase, including the Autism and the Family Project, the Oral Health in Children with ASD Study (with UCI), the Autism Social Cognition Study, and the study of Children with Typical Development. We thank the families for their participation and welcome students to continue to work with us on these data.