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Welcome to the Center for Autism Website!
California State University Fullerton
Autsm Center

Welcome to the Center for Autism!

The mission of the CSUF Center for Autism is to improve the lives of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families through research, teaching, clinical service, and community involvement.

The Center is comprised of two related cores, the Education Core and the Applied Developmental Core. Please see below for information about each Core and related activities

Education Core

The Education Core site is undergoing maintenance and will be back up soon

Housed in the College of Education, the mission of the Education Core is to equip teacher candidates in utilizing evidence-based supports for learners with ASD across the life-span.

Primary Core Activities:

  • Teacher Preparation
    • ASD Added Authorization
    • AIMS Grant
  • Student Opportunities
    • Education Associates
    • PACS
    • Autism Speaks U
  • CSUF Students with Autism
    • PACS
    • Interpersonal Developmental Groups
    • Counseling 252
    • Reading 201
  • Community
    • “Autism, Inclusion, and Evidence-Based Practices” Annual Conference
    • Inclusive Consultative Services
  • Research

Applied Developmental Core

Click Here to go to the Applied Developmental Core

Housed in the College of Health & Human Development, the Applied Developmental Core is focused on understanding developmental processes in autism and promoting competence and wellbeing in children with ASD and their families.

Primary Core Activities:

  • Clinical & Family Services
    • Diagnostic and follow-up evaluations
    • Case management and resources for families
    • Interventions and recreational activities
  • Research
    • Autism emotion study
    • Autism social cognition study
  • Information for Parents and Professionals
  • Community Involvement and Partnerships
  • CSUF Student Involvement in autism-related research and service

Directors of the Center for Autism at California State University, Fullerton. Center staff at the 2013 Walk Now for Autism Speaks